1000 UI Patterns
Never Start From Scratch

How many times did you have to design something from scratch (like a modal or a table)? What if you had 1000+ UI patterns in your arsenal to save you from that hassle?

Mispronounced it? That’s okay. We do it all the time here.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Never break a sweat when starting a new project.With Figit, get easy access to UI kits and Blueprints

Quickly Brainstorm

Use blueprints in Auto Layout (or not) to brainstorm ideas. Drag and drop components and make changes as desired by you alone

Never start from Scratch

Rapidly ideate on the canvas and get buy in from stakeholders with ready-made blueprints of any UI pattern you can think off

More Designing

Design for various screen and sizes using responsive designs. All of figit components are made using auto layout

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500+ Figma Auto-Layout Components

Figit offers you a variety of components to help you design your next website, store, and landing page. (Sorry if you can’t find a ‘Thank You, Grandma’ category. We’re still collecting the gazillion yarn patterns and Christmas sweater designs. We believe we’ll pull through soon. Fingers crossed.)

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We Feel A Connection. Do You?

If you’ve gotten butterflies and your arms are splattered with goosebumps, bestbelieve you’re in love. It’s okay, though, because we love you, too.

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