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Briefly learn how to use Figit with the help of these video tutorials and start using the plug-in without any hiccups

Autolayout UI Elements

All of Figit components are in autolayout. Use the power of autolayout to speed up your designs.

Figit Blueprints in Action

This is how you can use the blueprints in Figit plugin to quickly design hi-fi components.

Figit - A library of Auto layout components in Figma

Thrilled to launch Figii Plugin for Figma. A library of auto layout UI elements and blueprints.

[DEMO] Figma Auto Layout UI Elements Plugin

I have been working on a Figma plugin with my team. The plugin is a Library of UI elements in Auto Layout which we use internally. We created this library to reduce the amount of time we spend on design. The patterns can be used as a base to design faster, using auto layout.